Wab Design INC. is an independent designing studio. We cast not only web sites but also many other media forms, ranging from published materials to motion graphics. We launch various projects, attempting for a new standard of creativity.


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Work for 11 months,  off for one.

In order to make a distinctive design (an output), a distinctive experience (an input) is needed. However, it is difficult to make such free time when occupied with work. Therefore, from 2012, Wab Design has started a new yearly system, which takes a whole month off from work. With one whole month, we are able to make new challenges that we usually cannot make.

Business cards express ourselves. So each should be unique.

Each of us has a different personality and a different role.  Therefore, each should have a different business card that suits best. Based on this idea, each of us produces his or her own unique business card, expressing themselves freely, trying out various techniques and ideas. At Wab Design, no two business cards are the same.


If there are any consultations, interview requests, or any other questions, please contact Our staff will answer you in due time.  Wab Design desires to actively participate in projects outside of Japan.  We also warmly welcome foreign interns.  We gladly await your contact.

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